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Pool & Spa Electrical Service

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Pool and Spa Electrical

Our team of licensed electricians are experts in every aspect of your pool and spa’s electrical needs, from installing energy-efficient pump systems to lighting that enhances your night-time swims.

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix without the right safeguards in place. That’s why we prioritize your safety by ensuring every electrical component is expertly grounded, reducing the risk of electrical shock and ensuring your pool or spa is a haven of relaxation, not a hazard.

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Answers to some common questions about Pool and Spa Electrical

Proper grounding and bonding are critical safety measures that prevent electrical shock hazards. Grounding ensures that any stray electrical current is directed into the earth, while bonding equalizes the electrical potential between different metallic components to prevent electrical shocks. These measures are essential for safeguarding against electrical accidents in wet environments.

It’s recommended to have a professional electrician perform an electrical safety check on your pool and spa equipment at least once a year. Regular checks help identify and rectify potential hazards like faulty wiring or degraded components, ensuring the safety and proper functioning of your pool or spa.

Outdoor pools and spas require Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets. GFCIs are designed to shut off electrical power within milliseconds to prevent electric shock. These outlets are crucial for outdoor areas, especially near water, to enhance safety.

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