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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Wall Unit

EV Owners Trust Our Installations

With our extensive background in setting up EV charging stations at both residential and commercial locations, you can rely on Progressive Electric for expert installation. Our team is highly skilled and very knowledgeable about the different requirements necessary for different chargers   

The installation of an EV charging station is a complex process, one that is typically above the skill levels of the average home owner but perfectly suited for a specialized EV charging station electrician. Several factors, such as power connections, appropriate circuitry, adherence to safety regulations, surge protection, etc,  require the expertise of a certified electrician.

The Benefits of a Home EV Charger

Answers to some common questions about installing EV Chargers

The majority of residential EV charging setups need a 240-volt supply, akin to what’s used for hefty appliances such as a clothes dryer. Nevertheless, certain fast-charging options, such as those offered by Tesla, might come with unique specifications. Our experts will evaluate your existing electrical infrastructure at home and carry out any required modifications.

At Progressive Electric, we handle the installation of every type of EV charging station, covering Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charging setups. Additionally, we have expertise in setting up Tesla charging stations.

We are equipped to set up EV chargers both inside and outside, tailored to your preferences and the space you have available. For outdoor installations of EV Charging Stations, we utilize chargers that are weather-resistant and built to endure outdoor conditions.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding electrical services in your home or business. Call us anytime at (702) 349-3215 or fill out our contact form below and we will be happy to assist. 

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